Monday, December 19, 2011

'Til Wednesday the 21st...

No Monday Muse or Tuesday Trip Report this week -- I'm taking today and tomorrow off to finish some book business and to prepare for the winter hiking season.

The next few months will be extremely busy and slightly nuts (in a good way).  Alex and I will attempt to summit 22 mountains within a 12 week period -- none of those peaks will be easy, we've only the most difficult winter 4Ks left.  Sage will join us when she wants to, but, for the most part, it'll just be me and Alex.  Sage has no current interest in taking on all of the winter NH4Ks.

UP hits the shelves April 3, therefore, the last few weeks of official winter will be filled not only with full-speed-ahead winter peakbagging, but also with publicity and marketing events.  We're going to have a very enjoyable March.  :)  Life is good.

We'll be back on Wednesday with a Shout-Out.  Then it'll be Thursday, the beginning of the winter hiking season, and this blog will start to fill up with pictures like this:

Alex on Eisenhower, January 2011.  Photograph by Clay Dingman.

'Til Wednesday...

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DMOutdoors said...

Very nice! Looking forward to your reports and pictures throughout the winter. Best of luck too, hopefully its filled with much more snow and beautiful days just like the one pictured above.