Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Things: Guns, Ghosts, and Glass

A month ago, the girls and I decided to make of list of 101 Things we could do in 202 Thursdays.  Today, we report on a movie, a book, and some decorated glass.

This week's movie was A Christmas Story (1983).  I've seen "A Christmas Story" multiple times over the years with various people, but this was the girls' first viewing of what some consider to be a classic holiday film about a boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas.

Our score: 2.5 thumbs (out of 3).

The girls smiled and giggled through most of the movie, though both felt the final scene, the one at the Chinese restaurant, wasn't very funny.  Without my help, they caught on that the movie was making fun of the Chinese characters, and, being sensitive kids, neither of my daughters thought that was particularly humorous.  Apart from that last bit, however, both Alex and Sage had an enjoyable 98 minutes.  Their two thumbs are up.

Brace yourself now, for what I'm about to write might be considered sacrilege by some.  I don't really care for this movie.  I have never really cared for this movie.  It's okay, there are quite a few bits that make me grin or chuckle...but, overall, I feel the narrator's trying too hard.  There's a constant I'm-going-to-tell-you-something-that-you're-really-going-to-love's too much.  Also, the fantasy scenes are over-the-top.  They're okay if you're eight years old (Alex loved them), but, for an adult, they feel a little...well...idiotic.  Half a thumb.

I wholeheartedly endorse this film if you've got young kids.  Otherwise, you might feel silly watching this if you're over the age of ten.


On to a book -- Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (the first of five books we plan to read by Charles Dickens).

This was the second time I'd read A Christmas Carol aloud to the girls.  Last December, we took a couple of weeks and slowly made our way through the text.  The tale is engaging and wonderfully written, but the language is filled with words the girls hadn't previously heard.  This year, we zoomed through the book in a few days.  Both remembered most of my explanations from last year and were therefore free to concentrate on the story's plot and colorful descriptions.

We had so much fun with this!  The descriptions of the ghosts, the silly and onerous uttering of Scrooge ("Bah!  Humbug!"), the central message of the story -- none of it was lost on my two listeners.  At the end of each "Stave," they wanted me to continue "just a few pages more."  I've high hopes for future Dickens readings.  Great Expectations, anyone? 


Number 49: Paint and decorate glass bottles -- Complete!

The girls have wanted to paint and decorate glass bottles ever since they saw a few for sale in a Flagstaff art shop during our highpointing trip last September.  Yesterday, I downed a slew of Polar Bear Diet Root Beers, and tonight the girls got their wish.

Constructing the masterpieces...

Finished products!



(Each is now on the fireplace mantle, they're all just on the floor for the picture because the lighting is better down there.)

Good times.

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