Friday, December 16, 2011

The Friday Wrap

Alex and I are as ready as we can be for the upcoming winter hiking season.  We intend to finish our remaining 22 peaks by March 20.  Our first winter hike of the year will be on Thursday, December 22nd; we'll have our boots on the trail a couple of hours after the official solstice.

Galleys of UP have been sent to reviewers and media nationwide.  So far, there's been a healthy amount of preliminary interest from some major players. 

Also...I'm giving a galley away to the first person who sends me an email with "UP" in the title after my Facebook "likes" reach 2500.  So please continue to spread the word  -- thanks!


Cumulus said...

"a couple hours after the official solstice"? The solstice is 12:30 a.m. EST. (My guess is that you saw the GMT time somewhere and didn't notice the time zone.)

PatriciaEllisHerr said...

Cumulus -- you're right. The correct text should read "a few hours after a couple hours after the official solstice." Something like that. ;o)