Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!  We are finally out of snowstorm season up here in the Whites (at least, in the valleys).  Nevertheless, the girls and I are staying off the high trails for a few more weeks; we want to wait for most of the snow to disappear.  None of us enjoy hiking on deep, soft, melting snow.  Postholing in snowshoes is not our cup of tea.

Thank goodness for the New Hampshire state parks!  We have a lot of trails to explore; not all hikes have to lead up Four Thousand Footers.  Last week, we checked out Bear Brook State Park near Concord, NH.  What a great place!  We had a blast...and we LOVED being able to sit on bare rock and have a snack without worrying about hypothermia.  Winter hiking is fine and dandy, but all three of us are ready for spring.

Catamount Trail, Bear Brook State Park, NH
It'll probably be May before we can start cranking out some real training hikes.  In the meantime, we'll have fun exploring what the southern part of New Hampshire has to offer (which is plenty!).