Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Things: Empire State Building and Spiders

The Empire State Building!

Going to the top of the Empire State Building is one of the Things on our 101 Things in 202 Thursdays list. We drive through New York City whenever we travel south to visit our relatives in Maryland; a few days ago, on the way back from Thanksgiving, I decided to make a stop in the Big Apple so we could visit the place of Kong's last climb and cross it off our list.

As you can see, King Kong actually survived his fall and is now happily greeting tourists on the 80th floor.

We went to the 86th Floor, home of the traditional observatory.

Views from the almost-top of Manhattan...

Then we took another elevator up to the 102nd floor.

Views from the top of Manhattan...

The girls were properly awed by the views. We spent a good hour up there naming buildings and watching the little yellow cabs below.

After we descended, we checked out the candy model in the lobby.

I didn't want to jump back in the car and head north right away, so we hopped on the subway and visited Ground Zero...

...and Times Square...

...and midtown, where we walked about and admired the Christmas decorations.

We retrieved the car around 8:30. The girls were asleep before I made our way off the island.

A few days later, we were able to cross another Thing off our list. Each of us had to capture a live spider and carefully put it outside.

Sage accomplished this last week, right before she got her hair cut.

The spider -- it's tiny, but it is indeed a spider.

Sage being a goof...

Sage carefully placing it outside...

Here are videos of me and Alex accomplishing this task. The videos are dark, my apologies -- we forgot to turn on the camera's light before recording.


(ALEX'S VIDEO COMING SOON -- I'm having temporary problems with the upload.)

We're having a lot of fun with this list! I highly recommend making your own.


Dan and Meena said...

Way to go ladies, nice NYC high point! FYI, Tish, I've tried subscribing by email to your blog but it keeps coming back with a "server error"? Just so you know.

Dan and Meena said...

Whoops never mind about the subscription, looks like it went through!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Lucky kids, amazing view.