Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Trip Report: Mt. Israel. December 1, 2011

Wentworth Trail, 4.2 miles roundtrip.

The day's hike had to be a short one; we'd a Christmas party to go to in the evening, and it was very important to the girls that we be off the trail in time to ready ourselves for the shindig. We therefore chose Mt. Israel, a 52 With a View mountain that stands fairly close to our home.

The day was bright as we set off. We marveled at the complete lack of snow; that's odd around these parts for this time of year.

Wentworth Trail has few rocks and roots (compared to the usual White Mountain trail, anyway). It was easy going all the way up.

A nice set of stone steps...

A fairly easy water crossing...

We stopped at this statuesque tree and took a quick break.

Moving on...

We passed a ledgy area, then dipped down a bit, walked a few tenths of a mile, and arrived at...the summit!

Views from the top...

We hung out for a while -- it was a gorgeous day! -- and ate, did some schoolwork, told jokes.

On the way down, we checked out a ledge with a view...

It was a swift descent.

'Twas another great day on the trails (and we were home in plenty of time for the party).

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