Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Tuesday Trip Report(s): Twins/Galehead/Bonds/Zealand and Field/Willey

I've two offerings this evening, both in video format.

The first is a six-minute energetic retelling of Sage's five-day, seven mountain hike over North Twin, South Twin, Galehead, Bond, Bondcliff, West Bond, and Zealand.

The second is a minute and a half recap of Sage and Alex's hike of Mt. Field and Mt. Willey.Both are White Mountain 4K journeys, both were filmed in August 2011. The first contains a dance/techno soundtrack, the second is devoid of music.

Sage has now completed 40 4Ks.

These are the last 4K trip reports until October. September is all about state highpointing...we'll go west and explore new territory...stay tuned...

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