Friday, August 5, 2011

The Friday Wrap: Sports Illustrated, Alex's Leg, Sage's Quest, and UP's Photos

Thought I'd post a quick summary of the week's events.

Hugh is in Sports Illustrated this week. Check it out.

Alex had a check-up x-ray on the leg she fractured in gymnastics last winter. It's growing well and all the hiking (100+ miles/15+ mountains) since her last x-ray hasn't negatively affected her healing process one bit. Dr. Hedequist of Children's Hospital Boston confirmed that weekly, steep, ten-mile-plus hikes will not negatively affect Alex or Sage's skeletal growth; there are "no limitations" as long as the girls are happy and comfortable.

Sage looks forward to this weekend's hiking adventure. We hope to knock another 4K or two off the list.

Book news: My editor, the wonderful Sydny Miner, has chosen the pictures she'd like to include in my forthcoming book, UP (Broadway Books, April 2012). I've uploaded these pictures to my Facebook Page ; you can find them in the photos section.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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