Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Review: The Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero Story

I have not had the pleasure of meeting the Romeros, though Alex and Sage do have a signed copy of this book. Hugh met Team Jordan at No Barriers 2011 this summer; Hugh is on the Board of Directors and Jordan gave a talk at the conference. I hope to also meet this remarkable young mountain climber one day; he is now highpointing the USA, so perhaps our paths will eventually cross. One can hope.

When Hugh brought home a signed copy of The Boy Who Conquered Everest, Alex and Sage were thrilled. They followed Jordan's record-breaking ascent last year and they admire both his chutzpah and his main message, that youth should not be in and of itself a deterring factor in the pursuit of one's goals. Alex read through the book in an hour, then she handed it to me so I could read it to Sage.

The book is full of pictures and is therefore visually striking on each and every page. There's a brief introduction of how the young Mr. Romero became interested in climbing the Seven Summits, along with a couple of notes on the importance of preparation. Next comes a short description of the individual climbs and the various challenges Jordan faced during each one. The book ends with the Everest ascent, then encourages kids to "find your own Everest."

The Boy Who Conquered Everest is an inspirational and engaging book for children, one with lots of pictures to capture the eye and imagination. I recommend this for young adventurers everywhere.

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