Friday, August 12, 2011

The Friday Wrap: NPR's Fresh Air, Alex's Drawing, Sage's Big Adventure, and the Highland Center

It's been a great week!

Hugh's interview with NPR's Terry Gross was broadcast on Fresh Air.

Alex's drawing of Mt. Tecumseh, the one she made during her first 4K ascent, was chosen for inclusion in our forthcoming book, UP (Broadway Books, April 2012).

Sage looks forward to her next big hike -- seven mountains in five days, which will bring her 4K total to 38.

We booked airline and rental car tickets for Highpointing Spree Part Two. Details to follow.

We'll all be at the Highland Center tomorrow night, August 13th, to give our last talk before UP comes out next spring. If you're in town, c'mon by. We'll start at 7:30pm.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll be ascending mountains for five days with Sage, so I won't be able to update this blog again until the night of the 18th. 'Til then, happy hiking...or at the very least, get outside!

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