Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Trip Report: Hancocks in the Rain with Sage. August 7, 2011.

Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook, and Hancock Loop Trails. 10 mile loop.

The forecast called for rain, but the little lady wanted to hike, so hike we did. The Hancocks are a great rainy-day trek, as long as temperatures are relatively warm and you've packed a few changes of clothes.

The Hancocks are two of the easier 4Ks, in my opinion. Most of the mileage consists of flat trail; the only steep bits are the few tenths of a mile before each summit.

There are ten water crossings on this hike (we counted); due to the recent dry spell, none presented a challenge.

More flatness...

Sage and I reached the Loop Trail fairly quickly; the ease of the trails and the refreshing drizzle kept both of us in good spirits. We were fairly soaked when we arrived, but we felt good -- there's nothing like a constant sprinkler on a humid summer's day. Of course, I had extra clothes with me and neither of us were wearing cotton; it's essential to dress appropriately and have the right layers when hiking in the rain, otherwise you risk hypothermia once a breeze starts to blow.

A quick view of North Hancock through the mist, from the above intersection.

We decided to do the loop clockwise. Up we went!

North Hancock: 4K number 30!

The trail between the peaks is fairly gentle. There's some moderately steep bits going down North Hancock, but other than that and a few moderate ups, the walk is quite easy.

South Hancock: 4K number 31!

We ate some chocolate and headed down...

It was a quick walk out. The total hike took just under six and a half hours, which is very close to adult book time. Sage's pace now matches Alex's; I need to get in shape or my girls will soon leave me in the dust.

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