Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Shout-Out: Ebony Kennel in Plymouth, NH

Though I know this link will only be useful to those who live close to Plymouth, NH, I wanted to feature it in this week's Shout-Out nonetheless.  Ebony Kennel is where we leave our border terrier, Max, when we go winter hiking or on a no-dogs-allowed vacation. 

I'm picky about where I leave my pets.  I prefer not to leave them at all if I can help it; our animals have good lives, since, as homeschoolers, we can be with them for much of the day.  However, there are times when Max must stay behind while the girls and I pursue our various adventures; I'm grateful to have found a place that takes such good care of our little fella.

There are two sections to this kennel -- an indoor room with large crates, and outdoor/indoor kennel runs for large dogs and hyper small ones (like Max).   While at Ebony, Max spends his day jumping around his run, going into his attached, private, climate-controlled apartment and back out again (as he likes), and enjoying the scheduled attention he gets from the kennel's owner, Mike Robertson.  Whenever we arrive, Max is excited and happy to be there, and when we leave, he looks well-taken care of and filled with joy joy joy.

If you live near Plymouth and need a place to board your pet, whether it be for a day or a week, then check out Ebony Kennel.  Max highly recommends it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip, Trish. When we move to Dorchester (hopefully later this year), we'll need to switch kennels. Dorch is about 20 minutes from Plymouth, so Ebony will work great for Polly and Josie.


Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Good to hear you'll be able to make use of Ebony. Polly and Josie will have a great time. :)