Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Things: Public Hearing (#87)

This week's Thursday Thing was #87: Attend a public hearing about something that potentially affects our community.

Tonight, the girls and I attended a public hearing concerning a land owner who, according to the manager of our local real estate organization, failed to uphold his end of a signed property covenant. The girls and I talked about both sides of the issue before the meeting, and we each sat quietly and listened during the hearing as adults on both sides of the fence came forward and presented their opinions. The meeting adjourned after an hour of arguments, and the girls and I resumed our discussion of the matter when we returned home.

This was a wonderful learning opportunity. Granted, it was a bit boring at times, especially when someone didn't speak loudly enough or the lawyers went on and on. At one point, Sage whispered in my ear, "Lawyers talk a lot, don't they?" Overall, however, the girls were interested in this grown-up proceeding and they appreciated my interest in their opinions.


As for this week's movies...

We saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit (#19) and Mary Poppins (#4).

Alex enjoyed Who Framed Roger Rabbit more than Mary Poppins. Both movies receive 2 1/2 thumbs...Alex gives the half thumb for Mary Poppins and I give the half thumb for Roger Rabbit. I think the latter's okay, but I found it difficult to understand the general plotline. Much of the exposition is given in rapid-fire speech; I had to occasionally pause the movie to figure out what was going on.  Sage enjoyed both films and didn't favor one over the other.

'Til tomorrow...

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