Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Shout-Out: Adventure Parents

Mark Stephens of Adventure Parents
Photo taken from his site.

Are you a parent? Do you crave adventure? Are you wondering when you'll ever hit that trail/ride that bike/climb that crag again?

Check out Mark Stephen's website, Adventure Parents. It's a wonderful collection of stories about families who've figured out how to have fantastic outdoor adventures in spite of/because of their children.  It's a great site...and not just because we're on there.   These families rock.  There's the Jelinski family of five, who toured the world for 21-months in a Land Rover.  There's the video of the four-year-old lead climbing a 5-10b.    There's Daize Shayne Goodwin taking her 22-month-old surfing (the smile on that kid's face is one of pure joy).  There's...well, there's a lot!

Check out this site.  Having kids doesn't mean you have to stay home and lead the ho-hum family life.  You can still get out there and let your adventurous freak flag fly.  :)

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