Thursday, March 22, 2012

CNN's "The Next List" and Thursday Things

I'm honored to be today's guest blogger on CNN's "The Next List."  Check out my short essay on winter hiking Mt. Washington with Alex. 

Be sure to tune in to CNN on March 25 at 2pm EST to watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta's interview with Hugh.  The show is a half-hour feature dedicated to Hugh and his work.


We're making progress on our Thursday Things list, but since we didn't fully complete any one Thing last week, I can't provide a proper update.  We're close to making a decision on how to create a new face for our broken cabinet door (#95), but creative differences keep delaying the actual completion of that project.  We have to get it done soon; I'm tired of my utensils falling on the floor!  We're also almost finished with #19, try all the different kinds of cheese in the grocery store, and #31, watch/weed through all the educational DVDs in the house.  Now that the winter hiking season is over, we have more time to plan for and pursue our Things, so I should be able to report on at least one or two completed projects next week.

Come back tomorrow for the Friday Wrap!  We're getting close to UP's publication date -- the girls and I are very excited! 

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