Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Things: Fruit, Cheese, and St. Louis


FIVE more days until the publication of Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure!

Please join us April 3 at 7pm at the Harvard Coop in Harvard Square for our first book event!

We have a lot going on in terms of media and publicity; I will announce each interview/feature as it is printed or aired.

Now, back to the traditional Thursday Things...


It was Sage's birthday last Saturday, so we spent three days eating cake, ice cream, cake, a few piece of cheese here and there, and cake.  On Tuesday, we decided that we were in fine, full form to try number 18 on our list, "For one full day, eat only fruit." 

The girls did well.  I fed them tons of bananas and fruit-only smoothies.  Sage asked to have something besides fruit during lunchtime, but changed her mind when she realized Alex and I were sticking it out.  By afternoon, everyone seemed to have mentally adapted to the day's diet.  By evening's end, both girls were proud of themselves for having made it all the way through, and they had a better appreciation for the plight of those who routinely do not have enough to eat.

On Wednesday, we finished number 19, "Try all the types of cheese in the local grocery store."  We've been happily nibbling our way through this goal for months.  Turns out the girls and I aren't picky; Alex likes everything except blue, Sage likes everything except goat, and I like everything except American.  Nobody has any favorites.  Basically, if it's cheese, we'll eat it.

Last night, we enjoyed Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), number 6 on the 100 Best Kid and Family Movies list.  What a sweet film!  The girls and I had a lovely time watching the antics of the sisters and listening to the "old-time" songs.  We were particularly interested in the depicted Halloween traditions, which were certainly much different from the traditions of today!

Come back tomorrow for the Friday Wrap...


Karin Mitchell said...

I love this idea. I recently posted on a mom's forum a request that parents add their favorite activities with their children. I thought it might ignite some ideas in my mind of things I could do with my son and others I could store away for future use. Not a single mom commented. I was disappointed. When someone asks for a plumber or hair dresser recommendation or needs to buy baby bottles: there's activity galore. My house is messy. We head out the door anyway to hike or throw rocks in the creek behind our house. We play endless games. It's nice to hear about other parents enjoying their kids and finding ways to explore the world with them.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Thanks, Swedish Skier!

A messy house is the sign of an active and happy life. :) It's great that you're spending so much enjoyable time with your children. The years go by so fast!