Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Shout-Out: 20/20 Vision Quest

Randy Pierce is quite the amazing fellow.  Very soon, he'll be the first blind person to have hiked all 48 of New Hampshire's highest peaks in one single winter season.

Randy Pierce and his guide dog, Quinn.  Photo taken from Randy Pierce's website, 20/20 Vision Quest

From 20/20 Vision Quest:

"Only 46 people are on record as having succeeded in climbing all of NH’s 4000-foot mountains in a single winter. We are on the verge of making it 47, but even more memorably Randy will become the first blind person, and Quinn the first guide dog partner ever to accomplish this."

Alex and I had the good fortune of meeting Randy and Quinn near the summit of Jefferson yesterday.  They were in the middle of doing a "northern Presi traverse" -- that is, they were hiking Mt. Adams, Mt. Madison, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Monroe in one single trip.  Mt. Jefferson all by itself wore me and Alex out -- I can't imagine doing ALL the northern Presidentials in one fell swoop...and without the benefit of sight!  The team looked strong and happy.  We were honored to meet them.

Randy will finish his 48-in-1-winter quest on March 10 on the top of Mt. Cannon (see his site for details).  If you're in the Franconia Notch area, consider hiking up (or ascending via tram) to applaud him at the summit.

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