Friday, March 23, 2012

The Friday Wrap: Approaching the Ten Day Countdown

This Week's Wrap -- March 23, 2012:

UP: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure will be published April 3.  Tomorrow, we start the ten day countdown!  We're very excited for the launch!

I was the guest blogger for CNN's "The Next List" yesterday.  The televised half hour feature on Hugh and his work runs this Sunday, March 25, at 2pm EST.  It's going to be a great show, so be sure to catch it!

I've done several interviews this past week for newspapers and blogs.  Those interviews will go public soon after UP's publication date.  I'll post the appropriate links as each interview airs/is printed.

UP's received great reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and many consumer readers.

All looks good.  We eagerly await our book signing on April 3 at Harvard Coop in Harvard Square.

On the hiking front...

Alex and I finished hiking the winter Four Thousand Footers last Saturday, so the last six days have been very relaxed and low-key.  No more fretting over forecasts, no more 4am alarm buzzers, no more two-ton backpacks.  Well...for now, anyway.  We'll undoubtedly get back out there in a few weeks...after we've taken a good breather.  We had a very busy and productive winter; now it's time for some rest.

Come back tomorrow for the ten day countdown!  April 3 is right around the corner!

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