Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Book News: Publicity/Marketing Plans

We'll have galleys, the bound, prepublication versions of UP, by the end of this month. My publisher will send these galleys to newspapers, magazines, and television/radio stations across the country. As the time draws closer to publication, galleys will also be sent to prominent bloggers and book clubs. By the time April 3, 2012 rolls around, my publicity team will have reached out to all national and local media.

The one thing that won't happen, which I absolutely agree with, is a major book tour. These days, most publishers do not send new authors on book tours. A signing or two in the author's geographical region is worthwhile, but a huge plan full of dates doesn't make any sense. Few people will attend a book signing if they don't already know the author, and, usually, not enough books are sold at such venues to cover the cost of booking the event in the first place. Therefore, we will have only two bookstore events/signings -- one in the Whites and one in the Somerville/Cambridge area. I'll soon announce details as to where and what time.

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