Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Wrap

Oops...stayed up late finishing the first draft of my current work-in-progress and am therefore tardy on posting this week's Wrap.

Our week in quick review:

The above is this week's big news -- I finished the first draft of a new manuscript. It is FAR from being ready to submit, though; my agent hasn't even seen this yet. I hope to have it completely polished and ready for her sharp eyes and honest critique by the time UP hits the shelves. It should be noted that I've no automatic green light with a new manuscript just because Broadway Books is publishing UP; one publication does not guarantee another. Regardless of what ultimately happens with this, however, finishing the first draft of a new 85,000 word manuscript feels wonderful.

Galleys for UP will be in by the end of this month, then they'll be sent to reviewers nationwide. Can't wait!

The girls and I hiked Welch-Dickey on Thursday. I'll post a trip report next week.

We came up with the first half of our 101 Things in 101 Thursdays list; we look forward to the new adventures.

I bought a gazillion novels and joined a few Goodreads book clubs.

And...that's it (for now, anyway). Have a good weekend, everyone.

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