Friday, November 4, 2011

The Friday Wrap: Isolation and Sage's NH48 Finish

On Wednesday, November 2, Sage, Alex, MadRiver and I hiked Isolation. To put it mildly, that trip kicked our behinds. I'm still working on the trip report; it should be up later today.

This Sunday, November 6, weather and health permitting, Sage, my youngest daughter, will finish hiking New Hampshire's highest 48 mountains. Her final two peaks are the Tripyramids (North and Middle).

If there are any experienced hikers out there who want to join us, please feel free to do so. We hope to ascend the north slide and descend the south slide. There might be snow and ice, so pack accordingly. We hope to have our boots on the trail at 7:30am, and I'm fairly certain we'll be walking out in headlamps.

We're very proud of Sage -- but, more importantly, she's very proud of herself. I'm also proud of Alex, who's been a great big sister. She's a humble kid and she doesn't care that Sage is about to beat her record. Actually, neither of my kids are egotistical. They know that they're strong and that they've accomplished some amazing things, but neither are arrogant or braggy. They have very good heads on their shoulders; Hugh and I are lucky to be their parents.

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