Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sage's NH48 Finish -- The Tripyramids, November 6, 2011

Sage's NH48 finish -- tomorrow, November 6, 2011.

The Tripyramids:

Livermore and Scaur Ridge Trails, out-and-back.

We are NOT doing the slides (MadRiver just checked them out, they're covered with ice).

About 12 miles total, 3000 feet of elevation gain.

Experienced hikers and well-behaved dogs welcome.
We hope to have our boots on the trail at 7:30am.

(Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sage! Have a GREAT hike tomorrow! My kids (11 and 8) are following your adventures and cheering you on all the way from FL. You and your sister are such an inspiration to my kids. They are very excited to get back to NH and get a few more 4,000 footers under their belts this summer. Be safe and have a great day.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Alison, many thanks! It was a great hike, Sage is very happy and proud of herself. If you ever want to share the trails while you're up this way, please let us know. It would be nice to meet you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

We would love to share a hike or two. I am afraid we come back from FL in pretty rough shape. It takes us several hikes to build our stamina every summer. You may want to start a couple of hours after us so we can eat lunch together at the top :)! Please tell your girls that my kids have had the maps out planning for their next big adventure. Sage and Alex really are fabulous role models. I know my kids would love to meet them. I am looking forward to reading your book and continuing to follow your adventures. Thank you for sharing them. We can't wait for pictures from Sage's big day.