Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Highpoint: Mississippi. Woodall Mountain (807 ft). June 18, 2010

Note: my former laptop died a few days ago. It will take me a while to recover the pictures from its hard drive. In the meantime, these pictures, taken from my Facebook page, will have to do. They are small, but they are better than nothing. When we return to NH in August, I will replace them with regular-sized photos.

We had intended to highpoint TN after Brasstown Bald, but the summit road to Clingman's Dome was closed. The road had been scheduled to open on June 19th, but at the last minute the date was pushed back to the 21st. We decided to use the extra time to go west and bag Woodall Mountain.

As we drove west, the mountains disappeared and we entered the land of Flatness. It was HOT. Lack of mountains plus low elevation equals hot summer temps!

Woodall Mountain is an 800 foot hill in a residential neighborhood. We reached it without much ado and drove to the summit.

The view from the top of Mississippi:

On the way down, we saw this fellow in the road.

We spent the night in Tishomingo State Park. Wish I could say we enjoyed ourselves, but we were actually quite miserable. The heat was unbearable, and the campground was dirty and not patrolled. There were several groups of kids -- some of them as young as Alex and Sage -- roaming around until midnight or later, making all kinds of noise. I've no idea where the parents were. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.

Woke up the next morning and headed back east.

Next stop: Tennessee.

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