Saturday, July 10, 2010

Highpoint: Florida. Britton Hill (345 ft). June 22, 2010

I'm still working with small images, as I won't be able to retrieve my original photographs from my old laptop until we return to NH in August. At that time, I'll replace these Facebook copies with the larger originals.

After spending a lovely morning at Mt. Cheaha in Alabama and admiring the gorgeous views from the State Park's restaurant, the girls and I packed up and headed down to Florida.

The road to the "summit" was rather flat...

as was the summit itself...

The actual highpoint is a few dozen feet away from the stone monument; it's a bump next to a tree.

View from the top of Florida:

Though this highpoint is one of the lowest of the States, the locals take pride in it. The "peak" houses restrooms, picnic tables, and a bulletin board featuring news articles about the highpoint. There's also a register, which the girls and I signed.

From here it was down to Pensacola, where we met Hugh the next day. The four of us then spent five days on the beach, which was usually clean enough to play in. When we weren't on the beach, we were at the hotel swimming pool or visiting the local water park. It was nice, staying in one place for a while, and the girls appreciated the family time with Hugh.

After our vacation-away-from-our-vacation, it was on to Phase Two of our highpointing extravaganza.

Next stop: Louisiana.

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