Friday, July 2, 2010

Highpoint: South Carolina. Sassasfras Mountain (3560 ft). June 16, 2010

It seems the Carolinas aren't fond of us, as we were pounded by yet another lightning storm today. At least this one waited until we were at our campground before unleashing itself. The drive up Sassafras was uneventful.

We parked near the top and walked the two tenths of a mile to the summit.

The highpoint seems to be near a tree...

...not far from the marker.

We signed the register at the top...

....then headed back down. We didn't want to linger, since the summit is wooded and the flies were biting.

Once at our campground, the skies opened up and the Carolinas told us to get lost. Which we did, figuratively, the following morning.

Next stop: Georgia.

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