Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Highpoint: Louisiana. Driskill Mountain (535 ft). June 28, 2010

I'm still working off of my Facebook images, as I won't be able to retrieve the original photos from my old computer until next month. These tiny pictures will be replaced with the full-sized originals when we return to New Hampshire.

After spending a lovely week in Pensacola, the girls and I headed northwest into Bonnie and Clyde territory -- Bienville Parish, Lousiana.

The highpoint, Driskill Mountain, requires a mile roundtrip hike on a reddish, winding trail through thick woods. The path is at first wide...

...but soon narrows as it delves deeper into the forest. Though the owners of this private land have done much to assist the visiting highpointer, we did not feel that Driskill Mountain was an easy climb. We found our way through the many twists and turns, thanks to the signs and arrows...

...but the heat and humidity wore us down. Also, the chirping bugs seemed unnaturally loud -- and the spider webs were made of steel. I ran into one that was stretched across the path and it didn't break. Seriously. I thought I had wandered into a Tolkien chapter and spent the next few minutes glancing feverishly around.

We made it to the top and took a summit photo...

...then dragged ourselves back down into the car, where I turned on the air conditioner full-blast.

Something I'm learning on this trip -- we are not hot weather climbers. I can hike 7 miles in 70 degrees without a problem, but trying to go half a mile in 90 degree heat kills me. Guess it's a good thing we live in New Hampshire.

Next stop: Arkansas (the location of my laptop accident).

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