Saturday, July 3, 2010

Highpoint: Georgia. Brasstown Bald (4784 ft). June 17, 2010

Note: my former laptop died a few days ago. It will take me a while to recover the pictures from its hard drive. In the meantime, these pictures, taken from my Facebook page, will have to do. They are small, but they are better than nothing. When we return to NH in August, I will replace them with regular-sized photos.

The drive from Sassafras Mountain to Georgia was quick; we arrived at Bald Mountain Campground before lunchtime.

If you're ever in the Brasstown Bald area, I highly recommend staying at Bald Mountain Campground. It's a bit touristy and geared toward an RV crowd, but there's a swimming pool, mini-golf, and bingo all within the campground (the cost of using these amenities is included with the camping fee). The girls were thrilled to stay here, and the pool helped cool us down from the brutal summer heat.

Brasstown Bald is well-maintained, and the park rangers are outgoing and friendly. There's a half mile walk to the top from the parking lot -- but, to our amusement, one can also take a shuttle if one doesn't feel up to the short hike (we did the hike).

Note the warning signs about how steep the trail is:

Yet we didn't think it was all that steep -- we'd call the grade easy to moderate.

The summit is home to an observation tower and a museum...

Views from the top...

The marker is underneath the observation deck, right across from the opening to the museum...

...and behind this locked door.

We told a lovely ranger, Debbie, that we were highpointing, and she happily unlocked the gate for us.

Here's the marker itself...'s our feet on it.

Before we headed down, we took a picture of Alex's favorite flower, mountain laurel ("little teacups"). These were blooming everywhere.

One last pose before heading down to the car:

The combination of great views, friendly forest rangers, and fun campground made this highpoint one of the girls' favorites. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Next stop: Mississippi.

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