Friday, July 9, 2010

Highpoint: Alabama. Mount Cheaha (2407 ft). June 21, 2010

My old laptop died last week. In August, I'll be able to retrieve the full-size photos from my laptop's hard drive. In the meantime, these pictures from my Facebook account will have to do. The images are small, but they'll have to suffice for now.

We drove straight from Tennessee to Alabama's highpoint, Mount Cheaha, reaching the peak just before sunset.

Views from atop the lookout tower...

Mount Cheaha is located within Mount Cheaha State Park. One can camp a few dozen yards away from the tower, which is what we did...eventually. Unfortunately for us, we have a talent for attracting thunderstorms. The first bolt of lightning hit about ten minutes after we descended the tower. We ended up sleeping in the car the first few hours of the night; I set up the tent and moved the girls after the clouds finally moved out, around 2am.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at the restaurant within the park (across the street from the motel, also within the state park). The views from the restaurant were beautiful.

After chowing down, we packed up and headed out.

Next stop: Florida.

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