Monday, July 7, 2014

JMT Training, Peak 12 of 21: Hancock (+ Northwest Hancock attempt). July 6, 2014

This was actually an attempt at Northwest Hancock, a difficult Trailwrights bushwhack.  We failed miserably!  We tried to 'whack down from the main peak of Hancock; I dropped us too far down a northern ridge and we spent six hours 'whacking in the wrong area.  Arg.  Next week, or the week after, we will attempt the ascent via a different route.  Steve Smith recommended using the West Slide for the approach.  We were planning on using that for the descent this time time, we'll try an out-and-back using the slide.

Here we are, on the main summit of Hancock, eating Heath Bars (Desserts on the 48!).

Here we are, NOT on Northwest Hancock...this is a bump about half a mile north of the main peak.  At this point, we knew we weren't in the right area, but we figured we may as well check out the summit of this little thing before bailing.

And here we are, finally back at the trailhead, happy to be out of the thick woods and determined to try again very soon...

It was a valiant attempt.  We are scratched up, bruised, and bloody (and the girls are proud of their wounds!).  I didn't bother taking photos of our ascent of Hancock, since there are other trip reports on this blog (and many others) with photos of the Hancock loop hike.  I had meant to fill this blog post with photos of the successful 'whack...but oh well, another time (soon, very soon...we're now extra determined to bag this bugger!).

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