Monday, July 7, 2014

JMT Training, Peak 13 of 21: West Royce (52WAV). July 7, 2014

The girls and I ascended West Royce today.  The trip report will come later this week.  Tonight, I have to catch up and write the Horn/Bulge/Cabot report.

In the meantime, here's a summit photo.

Hope everyone had a grand 4th of July!

EDIT 7/9/2014:  Trip Report!

East Royce Trail, Royce Connector Trail, Royce Trail, Basin Rim Trail.  About 5.2 miles roundtrip with around 1700 feet of elevation gain.

I'm now claiming peaks as part of our 21-peak-goal even if they aren't the original intended peaks.  We had wanted to get Sage's remaining 52WAV peaks and Alex's remaining Trailwrights peaks before the end of this month, but, due to thunderstorms, summer camp, and various important kid-commitments, that isn't going to work out.  Each girl will have either two or three hikes left for their lists after we return from the JMT.  Sage will finish the 52WAV this year, probably in September, and Alex may or may not finish Trailwrights this all depends on whether or not we're successful in our attempts at Northwest Hancock and Southwest Twin (both are difficult least, for us).  If we don't get them before we leave for the JMT, then we may wait until next summer to try those specific peaks again.  I want a lot of daylight for the bushwhacks.  Even with headlamps, I don't want to be caught in the dark whacking around/through thick vegetation.  We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

In any event, we will far exceed the 21-peak goal if we count all of the peaks we're tagging (not just the ones we're specifically after for 52WAV and Trailwrights).  All the peaks are significant and on a hiking list (for example, Bulge is on the New England Hundred Highest and Cabot is, of course, a NH4K).  I therefore feel justified in counting the extraneous peaks for our 21-peaks-in-7-weeks quest.  Our main goal is to be in shape for the JMT, and I think all these hikes are doing the job.

Back to this hike, West Royce.  We slept in a early start time for us on this one...we all felt rather sore after the previous day's unsuccessful attempt at Northwest Hancock and no one felt like getting up at 4 or 5am (six hours of bushwhacking is a strenuous, full body workout!).  Eventually, we rose, ate breakfast, checked the forecast, and decided we could do a quick hike of moderate West Royce before the day's thunderstorms moved in.

The East Royce Trail is steep!  At least, it felt that way to us with our sore legs and bushwhacking scratches.  There are plenty of water crossings and little falls, though, so at least it's scenic.

The 0.2 mile Royce Connector has an easy grade and crosses a short stretch of ledges.  This trail felt lovely after the steep East Royce Trail.

We reached the Royce Trail and enjoyed some bog bridges during the first and moderate 0.7 miles.

We chugged some water before tackling the last and relatively steep 0.7 miles.

This bit had a few minor scrambles.  I took a some pictures, but they're unfortunately blurry.  Figured it would be best to leave them off the blog...don't want to strain anyone's eyes.  :)

The trail mellows out somewhat during the last tenth of a mile or so.

We reached the summit...

...and were treated to a view full of haze.

We descended a bit and ate lunch on a could see through the trees a bit...

...then we descended to the car.

Congrats on another 52WAV peak, Sage!

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