Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Trip Report: Gulf (Slide) Peak (Trailwrights). Mother's Day 2012

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Tuesday Trip Report: Gulf (Slide) Peak (4806 ft.).  Mother's Day 2012.

Glen Boulder Trail.  5.2 miles roundtrip.

The girls and I decided to spend Mother's Day hiking a Trailwrights peak.  We remembered Gulf (Slide) from last November's Isolation trip and decided to revisit this scenic mountain.

On the way to the trailhead, we saw a moose by the side of the road.

Climbing miscellaneous objects at the trailhead.

Heading up steep Glen Boulder Trail.

Almost above treeline.

A bit of scrambling.

Going up!

Glen Boulder's in sight...

Views from the rock.

Boulder break.

Heading up from Glen Boulder to Slide Peak...

What's left of last season's snow.



Max contemplates life.

Dramatic Sage.

Tyrannosaurus Rock.

Heading down.

Looking down at Glen Boulder.

End of hike!

We had a great day, but boy, were we slow on the ascent!  Granted, Glen Boulder Trail is incredibly steep, but still..!  Just a few months ago, we were doing 12-15 miles up and down 4Ks every weekend.  Then we took two months off to do smaller peaks...and now all three of us are sucking wind up the bigger trails.  No matter.  Come June, we'll start training for those western highpoints.  This means we'll tackle steeper and longer trails every week until we head west.  We're looking forward to exploring some of those trickier trails up the Presidentials!


Scott R. said...

Funny, I just watched a 2 part 60 min. Youtube video by Syntax77 solo hike to summit Mt Adams via the Airline trail. Awesome hike.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

We've never done Airline. Hear it's a great hike -- thanks for the tip about the video.