Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Tuesday Trip Report: Mt. Cardigan. May 17, 2012

The girls and I had a fantastic hike up Mt. Cardigan last week.

But first -- a huge thanks to Laura Clerkin of the Bethlehem Public Library for hosting our latest book signing event.  We had a nice crowd in spite of it being a picture-perfect, gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  Laura took this picture of me and the girls after our presentation.

Thanks again, Laura!  We had a great time!

Now, on to our Tuesday Trip Report...

Mt Cardigan and Firescrew via Holt, Clark, and Manning Trails.  About 5.6 miles roundtrip.

We had the pleasure of hiking with Mark and Natalie Truman for this one.  I've known Mark and Natalie for years via the internet, but this was the first chance we'd had to share the trails. 

We met at Cardigan Lodge on a ridiculously beautiful morning and headed off into the woods.

Since I'm a bit pressed for time these days, I'll let the photos tell the story...

(Alex took this picture.)

(Sage took this picture.)

Heading to Firescrew.

We had such a good time on this hike!  Many thanks to Mark and Natalie for the great company!


Jennifer said...

That summit area looks really cool! Neat rocks to climb around on. The environment is so different from the Pacific NW.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Jennifer, I can't wait to hike in your neck of the woods -- I'm sure I'll love the trails of the Pacific NW!

Heidi @GreatFamilyEscape said...

I just discovered you last week, listening to WBUR, Radio Boston. This is fantastic stuff. I am off to get your book ASAP. Funny, we hiked Mt. Cardigan with our 7-yr-old and 3-yr-old on Mother's Day. It was great, but the mayflies were out in full splendor (or, not-so-splendid, ugh).

I also hail from the Pacific NW, having conquered the famed West Coast Trail as an 11th grade PE project. But I LOVE NH trails.

I am completely inspired, can't wait to read more!

Jen said...

I especially like the last picture - mostly because I am sort of in it ;) Looks like you all had a great hike! We took a much longer time to do the same loop for our training, but lucked out with similarly beautiful weather!

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...


Thanks for your kind comments and support! I just checked out the West Coast Trail on the internet -- wow, what an amazing journey you must have had! That trail looks gorgeous!!

Mt. Cardigan is a lovely mountain, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the blackflies -- they should be fairly manageable in another couple of weeks.

Maybe we'll see you out there on the trails sometime!


Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Jen, wish you would have come over and said "hi"! :)