Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Thursday Night News (Up)...

Since we're less than six months away from the publication of Up, I'm creating a weekly blog post dedicated to the book's marketing and publicity progress.

In November, we'll have galleys (bound, pre-publication copies of the book). Those galleys will be sent to reviewers nationwide. Favorable quotes will then be physically printed on the book's jacket and posted everywhere Up can be ordered online. We've one well-known person who's already agreed to give us a blurb, but I won't reveal his identity just yet.

Closer to the time of publication, Up will more than likely receive a healthy amount of traditional and social media attention. Publishers like their authors to have the television, radio, newspaper and magazine coverage occur as close to the launch date as possible; that being said, here's a small something that just came out yesterday from the Heinz Foundation. Hugh is featured in their fall 2011 newsletter, and the girls and I are mentioned.

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