Friday, October 28, 2011

The Friday Wrap: Sage Approaches the (Snowy) Finish Line

It's about to snow up here. Bigtime.

Sage has two hikes to go before she completes the NH48. The first will be Isolation, which we hope to summit sometime next week. The second is the Tripyramids ascent. Thanks to this incoming (and rare) October snowstorm, we'll have the pleasure of experiencing winter conditions on those final hikes. Should be interesting.

The wrap for this week: Alex looks and feels much better and is able to resume her regular activities. Sage and I hiked Carrigain last Sunday and saw some moose! Hugh had a birthday. I sent a million photos and videos to Crown's publicity department. That about sums it up.

Have a wonderful weekend-before-Halloween, everyone. Hope you're attending lots of costume parties.

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