Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday Shout-Out: Brad Bradstreet, Seek the Peak

The hiking community lost a good friend last week.  On Friday, April 6, Brad Bradstreet passed away.

I knew Brad mainly from the Mount Washington Observatory Forums.  He was one of the first to respond to my original hiking posts and he always had kind words of support for me and my children.  I had the pleasure of meeting him in person five or six times -- what I remember most about our encounters is his joyful smile and the large camera he kept about his neck.  Brad was a talented photographer; his pictures continue to take my breath away.

Brad was a huge supporter of the Mount Washington Observatory, and he had planned on hiking in its annual fundraiser, Seek the Peak.  Brad's son, Bill, keeps the pledge page active, so folks can honor Brad with donations to one of his favorite organizations.

Please donate to Brad's Seek the Peak page.  You'll be supporting a wonderful organization and honoring a  kind and generous man.

Brad Bradstreet. 
Picture taken from his Facebook Page.

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Mark Truman said...

Thanks for the tribute and for adding your voice to the call for support of Brad's Seek the Peak campaign Trish. It would have made him very happy.