Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Things: Draw a Landscape

UP: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure

Breaking News: 

Books for Better Living named UP as their May choice for Book of the Month!

From Left to Write posted their collection of responses to UP.

Much more on the way!  Stay tuned!


The girls and I visited one of our favorite peaks today.  Bald Mountain isn't on any of the New Hampshire hiking lists, but we love it nonetheless.  The summit is only a quarter mile from the parking lot and the views are spectacular.  When one wants to experience a mountaintop but doesn't have all day to hike, Bald Mountain is the place to go.

Alex and Sage spent a lot of time on the summit blowing bubbles...

and drawing various landscapes (number one of 101 Things in 202 Thursdays). 

We stayed until it started to snow (!), then we went home so the girls could finish sketching their pictures.

I'll post the finished masterpieces on Monday, after the girls have had a chance to complete their works of art.  :)

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