Friday, February 26, 2016

Cabot, February 21, 2016

Alex has the write-up for this hike, plus lots of photos, on her blog Alex in the White Mountains.

We hadn't been on Cabot in two years, and it had been four since we'd ascended using Bunnell Notch Trail.  The temperatures were warm, which made for soft snow.  There was no danger of postholing, however, except for one short section down by a water crossing.  Traction wasn't even needed; I started in Hillsounds but took them off a few tenths of a mile into the hike.

Soft enough for footprints, but not postholes.  

Love this view of the outhouse through the snowy landscape.

Summit shot (close enough)

Cheese on the 48!

Cabin bunks

Heading back out


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Beckie Jani said...

Wow! That cheese photo brings back memories! Cabot was our 45th. We did it on a rainy spring day and stayed over in the cabin. Part of our meal was those little individually wrapped (in red) servings of Baby Bell cheese (very convenient for hiking). Glad to see you ladies had a good time!