Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jackson, January 31, 2016

Jackson-Webster Trail
5.2 miles roundtrip with 2150 feet of elevation gain.

Alex posted a trip report of this hike on her blog a couple days ago.  Click here to see the trek from her perspective.

Here are my photos from this hike -- as you can see, there wasn't much snow on the ground considering it was the end of January.  Still, there was enough of the powdery stuff to enable butt-sliding on the descent.

We had a Jarlsberg cheese on the summit...not quite the right cheese for this mountain since the "J" in the cheese is pronounced as a "Y," but we have time to find a real "J" cheese before we grid this out.

These rocks should be covered in snow right now.

Summit, straight ahead.

Looking back

Deep in conversation

The last ledge up

Samantha on top of the world

Almost there

What happened to the cairn that used to be here?

Samantha, Alex, and Sage on Jackson

Gray Jay waiting

Me and the girls


Cheese on the 48!

Butt-sliding down the mountain

Back at the many cars!

Always good to get out in the woods.

See you on the trails!

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