Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Twins and Galehead. January 24, 2016

Alex published a trip report for this hike a few days ago on her blog.  You can read her report, which is accompanied by tons of photos, here.

For the purposes of record keeping, I am posting my own photos below.  You should definitely visit Alex's blog for the complete TR, though.

John supplied the tasty Toscano (for the Twins!) cheese

These were a mistake.  Sage gagged; she had never had a Twinkie before
and thought, understandably, that they were disgusting.

Gouda cheese on Galehead!

Poor Sage got three nasty blisters on this heel!  She couldn't ski the next day.  :(

We'll be back on the trails within a day or two.  Our next hike will be short though, since both girls have midterms this coming week and they need to study.

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