Friday, January 22, 2016

Cannon, January 17, 2016

Alex posted her first trip report on her brand new blog, Alex in the White Mountains.  Check it out for a complete account of our most recent hike.

Here are my photos from the trek.  I'm posting them because part of the reason I write this blog is so I can keep track of all our hikes.  I therefore will continue to post my own photos, as well as a few comments here and there.  For the full trip report experience, however, visit Alex's blog.

Sage will have her own blog too when she turns thirteen (2018).  Then, the girls will take turns writing the trip reports.

My photos --

Lookout ledge

Summit tower!

Cheese on the 48!

We enjoyed this type of cheese very much!
Will definitely make it a regular item on our grocery list.

Happy hiking, see you out there!  We hope to be back on the trails this weekend.

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