Saturday, May 30, 2015

Moosilauke, Main Peak and South Peak (TW72). May 24, 2015

Gorge Brook Trail, Moosilauke Carriage Road, South Peak spur trail, Snapper Trail

We are in the process of moving and my maps are in the new home (I'm typing in the old one)!  Therefore, from memory, I believe this was around 7.5 miles (loop hike) and perhaps 2700 feet of elevation gain.

We are moving this week and next, but we are still getting out there to hike!  I don't have much time to post the trip reports, though.  Funny, that seems to have been my running theme for a life has been and continues to be busy busy busy.  Homeschooling two kids who are academically ambitious, plus running them around to their zillion activities, plus getting in those weekly hikes....well, that doesn't leave much time to put together verbose trip reports.  I'll have some down time in early July, so I'll probably write a few calm and relatively more coherent posts then.  None of this is meant as a complaint -- I am fortunate my life is so full and interesting, and that I get to spend so many hours with the people I love.

The trip report -- mostly in captioned pictures because I have to go put a bunch of stuff in boxes. (So excited! We love our new place! -- More on that later!).

Sage has done so many Trailwrights peaks with Alex and me that she decided she may as well finish the list.  We therefore got nearby South Peak when we hiked the main peak of Moosilauke last Sunday.

It's official hiking season for all those folks who do not hike year-round.  Therefore, the trails were full of people on our way down (we usually start too early for most hikers, so we have the trails to ourselves on the way up and we share them with a million people on the way down).  There were also quite a few dogs -- some were well-behaved, and one in particular was...well, not so well behaved (and off leash).  Remember, folks, you must keep your dog under strict physical (leash) or verbal control in the Whites.  See this link for some great tips about dogs and hiking.

Starting off on Gorge Brook Trail

This trail is 3.8 miles long and is usually fairly gentle.
There are only a few steep and rocky stretches.

A view on the way up.

Reaching the scrub, almost at treeline.

Summit, straight ahead.


View north

View toward South Peak

It was windy up there!

Heading toward South Peak

On spur trail to South Peak

Sage on the summit of South Peak

Alex and Sage on the summit of South Peak --
the main peak of Moosilauke is in the background.

View from South Peak

Me on the summit of South Peak
 We ate, we drank, we soaked in the views, and we descended.

I'll have another trip report up tomorrow -- we did the Osceolas two days after we hiked Moosilauke.

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