Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Things -- Curse of the Cat People

The girls and I are hiking the 500-mile Camino do Santiago in spring 2013 to raise money for Global Fund for Women and GirlVentures.  Donate to one or both of these fantastic organizations and read about our upcoming adventures here.


We managed to kind of complete Thursday Thing # 84 -- Use up all the art supplies in the house.  Meaning, yesterday I realized that all the old glitter, glue sticks, fringe, and ancient markers were finally gone.  This doesn't mean we no longer have art supplies, of course -- neither Alex nor Sage could last a day without their pens, pencils, paints, and markers.  I don't want a house without such supplies, since the creation of art is an integral part of my daughters' everyday lives.  I am thrilled, however, that the four-year-old paste and 2004 ink stamps no longer occupy space in my cabinets.

Last week, we watched Curse of the Cat People (1944), which ranks 98 on Rotten Tomatoes' Top 100 Kids & Family Movies.

A great family movie...seriously!

Don't judge the movie by its poster; the image above is misleading.  This poster should be for the movie's prequel, the 1942 Cat People, which has the same cast but a very different storyline.

In Cat People, the main character, beautiful Irena, suspects she's a descendant of witch-like ancestors who turn themselves into panthers whenever emotionally aroused.  Poor Irena falls in love, only to never be able to express emotion or act on her passions.  Eventually, life happens, and Irena becomes jealous and angry...her literal claws come out and a person gets killed.  Though the premise is dark, both my kids enjoyed this movie because the storyline was interesting, the violence is mainly off-screen, and the special effects are mediocre at best and therefore not frightening (at one point, there's an obvious stuffed animal standing in for a panther).  That being said, parents should prescreen this one and judge for themselves whether or not it's appropriate for their children.

Curse of the Cat People (the "family movie") has the same cast, but the plot is completely different.  It's set seven or eight years after the events of Cat People, and it centers around the child of Irena's former husband.  This child, six-year-old Amy, is a sweet, introverted girl whose imaginative play is the subject of her father's concern.  Amy acquires an "invisible friend" (there's more to it, but I don't want to give away the here for spoilers) and her father struggles to accept Amy's nature and innocent ways.  This is a lovely family movie that encourages parents to have faith in their children and accept them for who they are.  That being said, there are a few creepy moments, so the movie might be too much for very young or sensitive viewers.

No Friday Wrap tomorrow.  I've been hiking, homeschooling, and writing; in other words, it's been business-as-usual.  I do have a few new irons in the fire, but I'm not ready to announce anything just yet. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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