Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Til Monday, and Quick Update

Hi folks,

I've been dealing with some medical issues over the past few days and haven't been able to blog.  I need to take a few days off to take care of myself -- I'll return on Monday and post a delayed Thursday Things and a quick recap of the past week.

I will relate these three pieces of cool news right now, though -

The New York Times is publishing one of my essays on its "Motherlode" blog in early August.  Details to follow.

The popular hiking blog Section Hiker is publishing one of my essays as part of its New England hiker guest post series.  My piece is slated for August 14.

Hugh is joining Alex, Sage, and me for Seek the Peak next week.  This is significant because he's never hiked Mt. Washington all the way to the summit.  This will be his first attempt since his accident in 1982.


cliffmama said...

Checked out Seek the Peak and sent in donations. I was trying to figure out if I could just send in 1 donation to your team, but I guess you can only donate to individual hikers, so I donated to Sage & Alex's pages. I'm surprised Hugh hasn't been to the summit in all these years. Enjoy and have a nice hike!

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Thank you for your donations!!! We appreciate them!