Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Musing: Lions and Spiders and Bears -- Oh My!

The girls and I have departed for our trip out west. Our first highpointing stop will be Guadalupe Peak, Texas, where we hope to avoid meeting mountain lions, tarantulas, and black bears. Yes, I know, that last one seems a bit strange -- black bears in the Chihuahuan Desert?? One wouldn't think...but according to the page, they're there.

Do the potential animal encounters make me nervous? Not really. Well, okay, I admit I could do without the mountain lion possibility. When we get to the park, I'll ask the rangers exactly how often those felines are spotted. We'll join a group on the ascent if I feel the need.

Hugh will join us while we're out there. He hasn't yet decided if he'll climb any of the highpoints.

Our adventures continue...

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