Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musing: 38th Highpoint Achieved, Acclimatization About to Begin

We're on the road visiting remote places, so internet access is limited. Instead of the more reflective piece I'd planned to write on September 11, I'm going to give a brief summary of where we are in terms of this trip's goals. I will write about 9-11 later, when I've more time to do the post justice.

I'm finishing some book business this month; tonight, I'll go over the copyedited manuscript of UP one more time, then send it back to Sydny Miner, my editor at Crown. Soon we'll send galleys to reviewers all over the country. Exciting times!

Last Saturday, the girls and I ascended Guadalupe Peak in Texas. We've now completed 38 of the 50 state highpoints. Trip report to come tomorrow -- or Wednesday, depending on when and where we have internet access.

Tomorrow, the girls and I begin the acclimatization process. We need to get our bodies used to higher elevations before we attempt to climb Arizona's Humphreys Peak.

Pictures of our Texas hike to follow shortly!

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