Friday, September 30, 2011

The Friday Wrap: Highpointing 2011 and UP

It's been a wonderful month!

The girls and I had a blast traveling throughout Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. We bagged highpoints number 38 and 39 (Texas' Guadalupe Peak and Arizona's Humphreys Peak). Next year, we'll shoot for numbers 40-42 (New Mexico's Wheeler Peak, Colorado's Mt. Elbert, and either Utah's Kings Peak or Nevada's Boundary Peak).

Two days ago, we had lunch in Manhattan with Sydny Miner, our wonderful editor at Broadway Books/Crown Publishing Group, Sydny's assistant, Anna Thompson, and one of our publicists, Elizabeth Hayes. After lunch, the girls and I went back to Sydny's office and met the rest of our entire publishing team. Later, our agent, Laurie Bernstein, took us to High Tea at The Pierre. It was an incredible day; our heads are still spinning from all the excitement! UP is in great hands.

Life is good.

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