Friday, December 23, 2016

46 years old! Moriah, my birthday. December 22, 2016

Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah Trails.  10 miles roundtrip, 3150 feet of elevation gain.

Alex will have a trip report of this hike when she returns from her holiday travels.  In the meantime, she posted photos from her hike here.

I will post my own trip report photos below.

First -- 46 years old.  Wow -- I am now officially closer to 50 than I am to 40.  And you know what?  I feel good.  Damn good.  I hike mountains.  I have every intention of hiking mountains until my legs give out and I keel over.  I figure as long as I can get outside on a regular basis then I am good to go.  I don't mind getting older.  I learn more with each day.  Knowledge is good.

Here are my photos -- one note of advice...if you plan on carrying an ice cream cake to the top of a mountain in your backpack, then make sure you insulate the cake from the heat of your back as you hike.  Otherwise, that ice cream cake might partially melt, lol.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!  Alex will be back before the New Year with a full trip report of this hike, and we will also hike one more mountain(s) before the arrival of 2017.  Stay safe, keep the faith, and happy hiking!


Desgw said...

Happy holidays to each of you. I will be 70 in July and still enjoy the outdoors, Like you say, just keep moving. Thank you for your posts. You and your girls are amazing. I love your picture of the pine cone covered tree.

Sara said...

Happy belated birthday, Trish!

I have a gear question for you related to winter hiking with kids. What did the girls use for traction when they were starting out? My son is 6 and his shoe size is in the range that would fit a x-small microspikes. Problem is Kahtoola doesn't seem to make them anymore. Any suggestions?

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi David, Thank you for your kind comment! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

I hope to keep getting outside and moving for as long as I am able. I have met quite a few people age 70 or above who continue to hike, swim, ski, etc. I am guessing the key to staying young is not to slow down. :) Hope to meet you out there sometime!

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi Sara,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope you and your son are enjoying the holidays!

I am sorry the extra-small microspikes are no longer made! My girls used the extra-small size until they were about 7. I am not aware of any other traction devices for young children. I do know a hiker, Jill Kropp, who hikes in the winter with her 5-year-old son. I have sent her a message asking her about this issue and I'll get back to you with her response. To be continued!

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Hi Sara,

My friend got hers through a friend...she suggests you try Ebay, since sometimes the extra-small sizes can be found there. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Sara said...

Thanks so much for your help, Trish! I did see I might be able to import some from UK, but I will try eBay first.

Patricia Ellis Herr, Alexandra Herr, and Sage Herr said...

Sorry I couldn't be of more use!