Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Hancocks on December 4

Alex posted a trip report of our Dec 4 Hancocks hike.  You can read it hereNow we don't "need" the Hancocks during the snow months anymore...that's kind of sad, since butt-sliding down South Hancock is always a lot of fun.  :)  Oh well -- we have plenty of other peaks left for the winter months, all of which are butt-slide-able in the right conditions, lol.

We have not forgotten about switching our fundraising focus to an organization we feel Trump will antagonize.  Global Fund for Women is important and valuable, and we have been honored to raise money to support women's rights around the globe.  We thank everyone who has contributed.  We now want to do our part, however small, in maintaining the integrity of our country.  We have been watching and keeping up with the news, reading about Trump's cabinet picks, looking, waiting, investigating.  The girls have an idea that we will likely go with, but we will wait until the final days of December before Alex and Sage finalize that plan and write about it.  In the meantime, they will keep knocking off peaks from their Grids.  To those who have been so kind with your private and/or public messages during this catastrophic time for our nation, thank you.  Please keep donating to your favorite female-empowering, LGBT-supporting, civil rights-protecting, and/or climate change research organizations.

Happy hiking, folks.  Be kind to one another out there.

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