Monday, August 1, 2016

Sisters Hiking for Equality, Garfield, and Wilderness Navigation

The girls now have their own Facebook Page for their long-term Global Fund for Women fundraiser!  Please visit and "like" Sisters Hiking for Equality.  Most importantly, please donate!

Just a reminder that Alex is taking over the blog writing until Sage turns 13, then the two girls will take turns writing the trip reports.  The most recent mountain we hiked was Garfield; here is Alex's post.

Over the last couple of weeks, Alex had the pleasure of taking Mike Cherim's Wilderness Navigation course through Northeast Mountaineering.  She and Sage left for a vacation with their dad immediately after the last session ended, so she didn't get a chance to post photos or comment about her experience.  I do know she enjoyed the course and learned a ton.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be confident with map and compass navigation while off-trail in the wilderness.  She'll write about her experiences when she returns.

The girls will be back in mid-August, which is when Alex will post again on her blog.

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