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Moriah. August 21, 2016

**Virginia Prescott of NHPR gave a wonderful mention of Sisters Hiking for Equality at the end of yesterday's Word of Mouth.  Click on "listen to the full story" and fast forward to 42:30 to hear the generous shout-out.  Many thanks, Ms. Prescott!**

Carter-Moriah Trail. 
9 miles roundtrip with 3550 feet of elevation gain

Alex didn't do this one solo; we haven't been up this mountain since around 2011, and though I am certain Alex can find her way up and down any mountain on her own at this point (even a trail-less one), we agreed that, for now, she'd only go solo on peaks she's done many times (and recently).

Alex's report of this hike is on her blog.  Also, don't forget, the girls are doing a fundraiser centered around the Grid.  Sisters Hiking for Equality seeks to raise close to $18,000 over the next five or six years for Global Fund for Women.  You can follow the girls' progress by "liking" their Facebook Page, and by following Alex's blog (and Sage's, once she turns 13 and creates one). 

Since Alex already posted a well-written report, I'll simply post my photos below and spare the prose.  I will say it was a lovely hike, and Sage now has only four more treks to go until she completes the Trailwrights peaks (two more rounds of the Carters and two more Bonds Traverses).

Sage on Moriah!

Sage and Alex on Moriah!

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Karl said...

Hi Trish,

Great set of pics...Alex's report was a great one as well.

I must say, Max is a wicked cute pup!